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The Art of Handmade Brick

Old Carolina Brick Company brings hand-molded brick back to the built environment.

For this large Georgian-style estate in Lexington, NC, the Tryon brick was used throughout – house, outbuildings and landscaping walls. Based on the burgundy-red brick used for the original Governor’s Mansion at Tryon Palace in New Bern, NC, the line has been used for restoration projects in Colonial Williamsburg.

By Nicole V. Gagné

The American love affair with brick has been part of our history from the beginning. The ardor may have cooled with the advent of machine-made brick, but the current enthusiasm for handmade brick has brought passion and character back to this ubiquitous building material. One firm at the forefront of the handmade-brick revival is Old Carolina Brick Company of Salisbury, NC. Founded in 1968, the firm today boasts an impressive line crafted and fired with coal after the traditions of Colonial brick makers. Twelve basic color possibilities are offered; along with the classic brick shape, the firm also provides pavers, coping, edgers, postcaps and row locks...

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