Date: 12/07/2024
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Roman Circle Handmade Brick Paving


In ancient times, as the fierce Roman Legions slowly conquered the west, they discovered that one of the keys to their successful conquering and ruling of far off lands was a system of rapid transport for their chariots and wagons.   To provide for this, they constructed what was known as the Appian Way – paved with hard, fired clay brick.

And to enable them to pass one another, in different directions, they constructed what came to be known as “Roman Circles” or circular enlargements in the road that were twice as wide as their largest transports.  These were constructed of hand molded, hard fired brick, each in 6 different shapes measuring 2-13/16” thick and approximately 22 feet in circular diameter.

Old Carolina has preserved this ancient art and offers Roman Circles of genuine handmade brick (soft clay pressed into wooden boxes), dried, and then hard fired for durability.  These require approximately 6 different shapes, which, when placed flat on a dense sand bed, form a hard surfaced Roman Circle.  They are available in approximately any diameter.

The Roman Circles not only provide very interesting visuals for landscaping, but the dense, hard fired brick are entirely made by hand and thus have unique and beautiful textures and colors and make absolutely beautiful additions to any landscaping or paving creation.