Date: 26/11/2022
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Salt-Flax Residence, 1850

Old Salem
Winston-Salem, NC

Wilson-Covington embarked on the restoration of this home in April 2014. The original building, constructed in 1813, was moved to its current location some years later. It was modified in 1850 and in the 1890s. The current owner decided to restore the home to the 1850 appearance. Early work included the selective removal of later elements.

The home was temporarily shored, a new foundation laid and waterproofed, and the entire basement floor level was lowered over 2' to accommodate in-slab radiant heat as well as to increase the finished head space. Existing framing elements have been retained and new framing installed to insure structural stability. All new plumbing, electrical, and mechanicals systems have been installed. The roof, in progress now, is a LifePine pressure treated pine shake. The original front-left chimney has been re-laid with new handmade brick from Old Carolina.